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Ask Dark Horse Comics your questions about their new AvP & Prometheus comic series!

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Mar-29-2014 4:21 PM


I am very excited to announce that the team behind the new Aliens, Predator, AvP and Prometheus comics over at Dark Horse Comics have agreed to an interview, exclusively for the fans of

Discover How The Prometheus Saga Continues In This Free Comic Preview

If you have any questions you'd like answered, post them BELOW in the replies section of this topic! After a few days I will compile a list of the best / most frequently asked questions, in addition to some of my own, and I'll send them off the to the team at Dark Horse. 

For those of you following our Aliens vs. Predator News Blog, you'll know that an inside look of the first issue of their Prometheus series was posted online yesterday, revealing a small portion of the new story. (via io9)

If you have any specific questions about the new Prometheus series in particular, be sure to post them below as well!

We may also have some exclusive new artwork to share with the interview as well! So keep your eyes peeled for that, too.

A big thank you to the team at Dark Horse for putting this together with us, we're really looking forward to learning more about this new series and expanded universe!

This topic will be updated with a link to the official interview once it's posted

36 Responses to Ask Dark Horse Comics your questions about their new AvP & Prometheus comic series!

P4al0mas X

Apr-23-2014 9:25 AM

@Chris Picard The excitement is BURSTING from my chest!


Apr-27-2014 12:19 AM

Okay, so update on the interview situation. The writers of the new series asked that I hold off on posting the interview until June. Only because that's when they'll be promoting the new series, pre-order links and showcasing new content. Since the answers to the interview reveal some pretty BIG details about all of the new comics, they and I agree that posting the interview then would be more of a draw for fans and would get quite a bit more attention.

I do apologize however, I wasn't trying to "tease" it at all, it was only recently that DH and I agreed to wait on publishing the interview. I can assure you though, it will be well worth the wait! Pretty much every question was answered that fans submitted. I think everyone will be pleased with the responses.

Again, I am sorry for not posting it earlier, but it will be up on June 18th, I promise! :)

P4al0mas X

Apr-28-2014 9:09 AM

Thanks for the update, Chris!


Mar-03-2015 2:25 PM

Will the Original " Alien Vs. Predator 2 " ever be made into a TPB ? The Female Predator Character is alot like the AVP Movie connection between Predators & Women.


Sep-23-2016 6:36 AM

Thanks for the information...


Feb-18-2019 9:39 PM

I watched Prometheus. I am generally pretty forgiving of movies, if it’s clear what they are trying to achieve and have a decent crack at doing it. But Prometheus is complete bollocks from start (read kimi no iru machi manga online for free {all chapters}) to finish, albeit with some good performances and production design. Even as a creation myth, it’s completely implausible.

Leaving that aside, any god that demands that people kneel before it is not worthy of being called a god. Anything that can create a universe should be way beyond demanding, let alone needing, worship or devotion, especially the weirdly specific requirements that humans have settled upon.

Anything worthy of being accepted as a god should be able to communicate its existence and preferences consistently as unambiguously to something as small and homogeneous as a single species on a single world.

But it hasn’t.

That in itself is a pretty good argument against the existence of any god yet conceived by humans. Except the Flying Spaghetti Monster, whose noodly appendages only deliver their message clearly to pirates.

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